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Re-Post: Some Words of Wisdom from Grammar Gurus

My first boss, who happened to be one of the most talented writers I have ever met, said it best: If you want to go far in life, learn to write well. In fact, he was such a writing enthusiast, he once had the HR manager purchase grammar books for the entire staff. Although I still carry his wisdom with me (along with that book), I have to admit that following the rules of writing isn’t always easy to do. This is especially true in PR, where pushing out casual, concise and immediate content across social media platforms too often takes precedence over stopping to look up the proper placement for that comma.

Given my own ongoing struggles with this, I find it greatly amusing whenever a new, impassioned plea for better writing pops up in my inbox or on one of my favorite blogs. In an ode to my first boss, here is an excerpt from one article  that landed in my inbox just this morning, along with some other highly recommended reading, after the jump:

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