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In the City of Light

Sometimes all there is left to do is keep calm and carry on.

This overused british slogan pearl of wisdom is a lesson I painfully learned two weeks ago, when I touched down in beautiful Paris, only to discover that my trusty laptop had died on the way over, killed by a ruthless virus. Suddenly, my Tour de France had turned into my very own 20-day digital detox (eeek!) that promised bleak and sad days of no blogging, emailing, Facebooking, or Tweeting in sight.

Putting my short but ugly withdrawal period aside, unplugging for a few days turned out to be pretty great. Cut off from my cyber world, I was able to explore the big, beautiful world of Paris completely distraction (and deadline) free. So, while being able to blog or email the occasional “Bonjour from Paris!” message to loved ones would have been nice, I am grateful to that little virus that forced my laptop closed.

As my first post back in the States, I figured the best way to start was by sharing a few pics from my dreamy Parisian vacay (posted after the jump.) Hope you enjoy them! Read more

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