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Tagged, Not it: My Brief (and Creepy) Encounter with a “Social Discovery” Site

Call me naive, but when I read about a social networking site called Tagged that is blowing it up with their user engagement, I had to learn more.  I admit, I had never heard of the “social discovery” site, where as the Founder/CEO recently described it,  people go “to make new social relationships.” If you’re wondering how that’s any different from say, Facebook, his answer is this: “Facebook is the place where you maintain your current 150…Tagged will be the place where you refresh that 150.”

As of Sunday night, a quick Google search for Tagged only brought up the site itself, a Wikipedia page, this Mashable article, and the company’s social media. Maybe that’s because the buzz is just beginning for this company,  but with over 300 million members  (according to, it seems there are a few missing pieces to this picture. Am I wrong to think that 300 million members is a whole lotta people for a social networking site to score when it has received little to no coverage since launching in 2004?

It may have been at that point that I decided to jump right in and set up an account. Read more


6 Pages You’ll Want to Dogear in “The New Relationship Marketing”

Here goes my first book review. I’m starting off with Mari Smith’s latest book: The New Relationship Marketing, which is an awesome read on personal branding and social media.

I first picked up a copy a couple of weeks ago at my local library (because I still go to the library), but about half way through, overwhelmed by the urge to start underlining sections and dogearing pages, I returned it, ordered my own on Amazon, and have kept it in reaching distance of my desktop pretty much ever since.

Although Mari’s social media focus is slightly different from mine, and maybe different from yours, (she isn’t one for daily blogging, for instance, but she can be found on Twitter and Facebook everyday, where she has amassed a following of thousands and thousands of people), her book has plenty of useful tips for anyone looking to expand their online presence. Read more

Pinterest We Still Love You: Pinterest Tips Worth Following (Part 2)

Graphic Courtesy of

For your reading pleasure, here is round two of the best pointers I could find for using Pinterest to expand your brand (struggling to relate your brand to a pinboard? a great branding PR tip is to visualize your brand as an actual person and then go from there. What kinds of things would he or she find funny, or adorable, or inspiring? you get the idea.) 

Captions are key.

Pinterest may be a visual platform, but never forget about the power of a strong caption! Although you have a ton of room to work with (the max is 500 characters), as Steve Smith reports, 20-30 characters seems to be the “sweet spot” for being repinned. While the goal may be to keep captions short, you should consider including at least a couple of the following: (these tips and more after the jump) Read more

Pinterest Tips Worth Following

With the Pinterest wave still riding high (nevermind a little leveling off), here is part 1 of a 2-part post on the best tips I could find for using Pinterest to boost your brand equity:

Be a visual storyteller.

This may sound obvious, but since Pinterest is all about visual content, if you want to be repinned, says Mikinzie Stuart from PR Geek Speak, be visually interesting. Look for images that tell a story or that have something to offer the viewer. Keep in mind that the most repinned images are funny, inspiring or helpful.

Here’s one example of visual storytelling in action: the brains behind the Pinterest account for Oreck vacuums often looks for images that show a problem their product can help solve. Hence, you’ll find an entire Oreck pinboard dedicated to very adorable, very loveable and very messy pets (get it? messes to clean?) And pinners go wild for it! You can also visit the Travel Channel’s pinboard for similarly excellent examples. Read more

I’m Pinterested in You: PR’s Latest Love Affair

It seems the entire PR industry is totally crushing on Pinterest lately. If you’re looking for the next big marketing tool for your business or brand, here are five reasons why you probably should be, too:

  1. Pinterest is driving more referral traffic than every other social media site combined.
  2. It is proving to retain and engage users way more efficiently than Twitter.
  3. The 15 most popular photos ever pinned include a photo of metallic toes, a close-up of chocolate chip bacon cookies and an inspirational quote about love. (I just thought this was interesting.)
  4. For overachievers or DIY types, it’s super easy to make cool infographics or customize photos all on your own for free.
  5. Apparently, even psychotherapists can double their online traffic by using Pinterest.

On a personal note, Pinterest is my jam. Ever since buying my first home last year, I’ve developed a healthy obsession with the site, turning to it for inspiration for nearly every DIY project I’ve tackled. Until recently though, I’ve struggled to wrap my head around the possibility of using Pinterest as a widespread marketing tool. I mean, what about businesses that don’t have any product to pin? Or what about brands that have no appeal whatsoever to the primary U.S. Pinterest market of women 25-34?

Now that Pinterest has exploded on the social media scene (hello, 3rd most popular social networking site in the universe,) PR pros are stepping in to answer these questions and more, helping guide all of us in using this powerful platform to reach consumers and boost brand equity. Read more

Facebook Lands 900 Million and the Rise of the Smartphone

In case you missed it: While Facebook ad sales may be down, Facebook use is on the rise like crazy. In fact, the social networking site has just eclipsed 900 million users. And there’s still room to grow. Wowzers, right?

While the fact that the number of Facebook users is now roughly equal to the population of Africa is amazing, here’s what really caught my attention in Mark Raby’s article today: “Facebook said that a whopping 488 million users are logging in on a daily basis from a mobile device. It has pioneered social communications in the mobile world.”

Let me repeat that: a single social networking site has singlehandedly pioneered social communication in the mobile world. And now that we know that everybody will soon have a smartphone (Say goodbye, digital divide! Nevermind this minor production glitch…) that makes browsing those sites that much easier to do, it’s easy to understand why new social media platforms have begun to catch like wildfire, especially those that are simple in design and have high visual appeal (hello, Pinterest!) Read more

OFf & Running! PR lessons from a Web Series Wrap Party

Last weekend, I had the pleasure of attending a wrap part for a HILARIOUS new web series that a friend of mine is producing called “Off & Running”.

It is set to launch this summer and it is so good, I would be remiss to not give it a proper plug: Check out the “OFf & Running” Facebook Fan Page here!

But putting the show’s damn good acting and writing aside, they have some serious grassroots PR happening over there, too, which really got my wheels turning.  Most of the action is happening on their Facebook Fan Page, where the “likes” keep on coming thanks to the trivia questions, teasers and behind-the-scenes photos being churned out almost daily.  And all this before the show has even officially launched!

I was so impressed, it made me think about how other, massively huge, big budget productions like, oh say, The Hunger Games, was able to use these very same marketing tools to build a massive following before the film was even released (and has now secured the #1 spot at the box office four weeks and counting.) Read more

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