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Bon Voyage, Little Brother

Today is the day my baby brother (he’s 27) will tuck away his college degrees and a resume that lists his experience working for the likes of the U.S. District Attorney and swanky PR firms, to begin work on a whale watching/scuba diving tour boat in Maui. Cue the tears from the overprotective big sister.

Meet my brother Kenny.

Interestingly (maybe expectedly), every guy I share this with is consumed with immediate envy and awe. I get it. With 10 years of lifeguarding under his belt (a part-time job in college, and then again in grad school), and with his insatiable love for both water and people, I can’t imagine a more perfect adventure for my little brother to take on.

In the midst of all the going away festivities held last weekend in his honor, I started to think about the kind of courage it takes to embark on a new adventure. Nevermind making a life-changing decision your family may not have expected (ahem, like moving to an island.) The key, I’m learning from my brother, is to simply follow your heart. Because when it’s all said and done, these are the adventures that will bring us closer to our purpose. As I write this, I am reminded of what Chris Brogan had to say on the topic of courage a few months back:

“Bravery and courage don’t come from following some guide. Be where you are, truly where you are at this moment, and see the real territory around you and take stock. And with that reality, even if it’s a painful one, throw away your maps and walk your own path.”

Should he ever want to, my brother will one day crush it in the communications industry. He’s just too talented not to. In the meantime, he’s opting to use his skills to embark on one heck of an adventure in paradise. I just hope that I, too, can harness that same kind of courage as I take my PR practice to the next level.

Bon voyage little brother. May amazing things await you.

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