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Stress Ball No More: My 5-Step Plan For Better Living

Working in PR can be straight up cray. From missing meals to missing sleep, there can be a lot of sacrifice in this 24/7 job. While I’ve always loved a fast-paced environment, lately I’ve been feeling the effects of going on nearly 10 years in the business (wow, time flies!) without much work/life balance. When a colleague jokingly referred to my recent dip in energy as “battle fatigue,” I knew it was time for me to step it up and get a better handle on my health and wellness.

Although I do plenty to recharge after long stretches of intense, no-nonsense work (surfing vacays are my favorite…shout-out to my peeps at Swellwomen), I’ve recently been inspired to work on the little, daily bad habits that can keep life complicated and stressful.  In case you’re feeling the need for a similar boost, here are 5 simple steps worth trying:

1. Kick the caffeine.

Does the mere thought of this stress you out? I recently splurged on this impressive medley at Teavana and haven’t looked back since. I now feel energetic and alert, without the caffeine crash at the end of the day.

2. Exercise even when you’re tired.

Being too tired after a long day used to be the #1 reason I’d skip yoga or the gym. Now, even a light jog around the block helps me feel more energetic and clear-headed after a stressed out day at work.

3. Unplug at least once a day.

From 10pm on, no computers or smartphones for me! It feels very rebellious. Try it, you’ll love it!

4. Be intentional with your time.

Every little thing you spend time on should be purposeful. Notice what you spend time on, and you’ll see what you waste time on. This realization helped me cut out an easy 20 minutes from my morning schedule alone. You’ll be shocked at how much of your day you can recover!

5. Refuse to worry.  

…And be more helpful to everyone around you. But don’t take my word for it: read this this amazing blog post from the Daily Love and get inspired.

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