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Pinterest We Still Love You: Pinterest Tips Worth Following (Part 2)

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For your reading pleasure, here is round two of the best pointers I could find for using Pinterest to expand your brand (struggling to relate your brand to a pinboard? a great branding PR tip is to visualize your brand as an actual person and then go from there. What kinds of things would he or she find funny, or adorable, or inspiring? you get the idea.) 

Captions are key.

Pinterest may be a visual platform, but never forget about the power of a strong caption! Although you have a ton of room to work with (the max is 500 characters), as Steve Smith reports, 20-30 characters seems to be the “sweet spot” for being repinned. While the goal may be to keep captions short, you should consider including at least a couple of the following: (these tips and more after the jump)

  1. A thoughtful comment about the image that ties back to your brand personality
  2. Your Twitter handle or your website link (probably not both)
  3. #Hashtags to help people search your image
  4. @Tag other Pinterest you like, or want to get to know

Sound like a lot to remember? Don’t worry; remembering to use even one or two of these will significantly increase your chances of being repinned. Using the words “chicken” or “recipe” apparently also helps.

Get out there and meet people.

If you want to use Pinterest to expand your brand, it’s vital to be an active part of this growing community. This means you should be commenting, sharing, tagging and liking others’ pins. Opening your pinboards for others to join and hosting brand-related contests (like Honda’s Pinterest Challenge) are also a great way to build consumer relationships.

Do Videos and Infographics.

To amp up your standard picture, here are two reasons why you should think about adding videos and infographics to your pinboards. First, there are still a lot of people out there who haven’t realized that videos can be pinned, too. They can, and they’re a great way to drive traffic to your website/YouTube channel and diversify your content! According to Grant Crowell at Mashable: “Now is the time to start looking at Pinterest as a video marketing vertical.” Check out the Mashable articles here and here to learn the best ways to market videos on Pinterest and drive YouTube traffic. Second, infographics seem to be the next big thing in social media. With tons of sites cropping up that allow you to make them for free (and with great tips like these from Ragan’s PR Daily), it may be well worth your effort to try creating some original work.

Got anymore tips worth sharing? Please do!


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