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Pinterest Tips Worth Following

With the Pinterest wave still riding high (nevermind a little leveling off), here is part 1 of a 2-part post on the best tips I could find for using Pinterest to boost your brand equity:

Be a visual storyteller.

This may sound obvious, but since Pinterest is all about visual content, if you want to be repinned, says Mikinzie Stuart from PR Geek Speak, be visually interesting. Look for images that tell a story or that have something to offer the viewer. Keep in mind that the most repinned images are funny, inspiring or helpful.

Here’s one example of visual storytelling in action: the brains behind the Pinterest account for Oreck vacuums often looks for images that show a problem their product can help solve. Hence, you’ll find an entire Oreck pinboard dedicated to very adorable, very loveable and very messy pets (get it? messes to clean?) And pinners go wild for it! You can also visit the Travel Channel’s pinboard for similarly excellent examples.

Be human.

This one is a biggie. As any PR pro will tell you: one of the greatest purposes of social media is the ability to show consumers a behind-the-scenes, up-close-and-personal look at your brand. Pinterest is no different. The tone should be casual and conversational; humor is key; and last, try not to make anything too, too polished. For a few specific ideas on how to let your brand’s personality shine, check out this post from the folks at Dunn PR. (You may need to scroll down to tip #3.)

Help others aspire to be better.

If you’re browsing Pinterest for the first time, it won’t take you long to figure out that 100% of what is pinned relates to what people aspire to do, where they aspire to go, or what they aspire be. From breathtaking home remodels to dreamy Parisian fashions and heaven-on-earth vacation spots, people are pinning their dreams. To capitalize on this, “Pinterest Challenges” have become a popular way to encourage consumers to stop pinning and start doing. Killer example: Honda is inviting consumers to take a break from Pinterest (aka, a “pintermission”), jump in their car, and then share their adventures. Genius.

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