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I’m Pinterested in You: PR’s Latest Love Affair

It seems the entire PR industry is totally crushing on Pinterest lately. If you’re looking for the next big marketing tool for your business or brand, here are five reasons why you probably should be, too:

  1. Pinterest is driving more referral traffic than every other social media site combined.
  2. It is proving to retain and engage users way more efficiently than Twitter.
  3. The 15 most popular photos ever pinned include a photo of metallic toes, a close-up of chocolate chip bacon cookies and an inspirational quote about love. (I just thought this was interesting.)
  4. For overachievers or DIY types, it’s super easy to make cool infographics or customize photos all on your own for free.
  5. Apparently, even psychotherapists can double their online traffic by using Pinterest.

On a personal note, Pinterest is my jam. Ever since buying my first home last year, I’ve developed a healthy obsession with the site, turning to it for inspiration for nearly every DIY project I’ve tackled. Until recently though, I’ve struggled to wrap my head around the possibility of using Pinterest as a widespread marketing tool. I mean, what about businesses that don’t have any product to pin? Or what about brands that have no appeal whatsoever to the primary U.S. Pinterest market of women 25-34?

Now that Pinterest has exploded on the social media scene (hello, 3rd most popular social networking site in the universe,) PR pros are stepping in to answer these questions and more, helping guide all of us in using this powerful platform to reach consumers and boost brand equity.

Straight from the U.S. Army Pinboard – Genius, right?

To highlight just a handful of my favorite recent posts:Blogger Jon Accarrino over at PR Daily provided these 10 Tips last week for using Pinterest for business; The “PR Geek Speak” blog (one of my favslet’s you know if you’re doing it all wrong; A post on Smedio titled “How to use Pinterest for Public Relations,” cuts to the chase; and had this to say about using Pinterest to increase website traffic. New add: social media mastermind Mitch Joel helps reign us all in, in the midst of the 2012″Pinterest Panic,” to remind us what’s really important.

To sum it up: when done well, Pinterest is not about direct marketing. It is about creating a relationship with consumers through indirect brand exposure. This is done by using engaging and memorable images that are in line with your brand’s mission and values, but that aren’t just new angles of your product or still shots of your last commercial. In other words, Pinterest is about building your brand’s personality. And because I love examples, here’s three unlikely brands that are killing it on Pinterest. Check them out and get inspired:

U.S. Army

Drake University


Cool, right? Undeniably, Pinterest has emerged as a major social media platform that all PR pros should be paying close attention to. Even with its current massive popularity, something tells me we’re just beginning to realize Pinterest’s full PR potential. Stay tuned for next post: Pinterest pointers worth following.

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