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Facebook Lands 900 Million and the Rise of the Smartphone

In case you missed it: While Facebook ad sales may be down, Facebook use is on the rise like crazy. In fact, the social networking site has just eclipsed 900 million users. And there’s still room to grow. Wowzers, right?

While the fact that the number of Facebook users is now roughly equal to the population of Africa is amazing, here’s what really caught my attention in Mark Raby’s article today: “Facebook said that a whopping 488 million users are logging in on a daily basis from a mobile device. It has pioneered social communications in the mobile world.”

Let me repeat that: a single social networking site has singlehandedly pioneered social communication in the mobile world. And now that we know that everybody will soon have a smartphone (Say goodbye, digital divide! Nevermind this minor production glitch…) that makes browsing those sites that much easier to do, it’s easy to understand why new social media platforms have begun to catch like wildfire, especially those that are simple in design and have high visual appeal (hello, Pinterest!)

While I wrap up my research for tomorrow’s Pinterest post (seriously, my PR friends can’t stop talking about it…) Any suggestions for mobile-savvy marketing in the digital age?

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