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OFf & Running! PR lessons from a Web Series Wrap Party

Last weekend, I had the pleasure of attending a wrap part for a HILARIOUS new web series that a friend of mine is producing called “Off & Running”.

It is set to launch this summer and it is so good, I would be remiss to not give it a proper plug: Check out the “OFf & Running” Facebook Fan Page here!

But putting the show’s damn good acting and writing aside, they have some serious grassroots PR happening over there, too, which really got my wheels turning.  Most of the action is happening on their Facebook Fan Page, where the “likes” keep on coming thanks to the trivia questions, teasers and behind-the-scenes photos being churned out almost daily.  And all this before the show has even officially launched!

I was so impressed, it made me think about how other, massively huge, big budget productions like, oh say, The Hunger Games, was able to use these very same marketing tools to build a massive following before the film was even released (and has now secured the #1 spot at the box office four weeks and counting.)

In a recent interview with Ari Karpel from Co.Create, the PR director for The Hunger Games, Danielle DePalma, provided these 10 fabulous tips for using social media to build a massive following (The Hunger Games has a reported 6.5 million followers…having a massively popular novel precede movie no doubt helps.)

Here’s her top 5, with my two cents:

1. Play to your base: fans come first. And second. And third – Love this one.

2. Be a social butterfly: Exploit each social media platform for its unique qualities.This is probably the most challenging one for anyone with limited resources/limited staff, or limited knowledge of social media.

3. The source–in this case, Suzanne Collins’ book–is your bible.I wonder how this translates to campaigns not based on a product…could the source be an agency’s mission statement?

4. Cast a wide net: everyone is on team “Hunger Games” The power of inclusion!

5. Tease judiciously – Smart. Nobody likes to be teased too much.

Danielle expands thoughtfully on all 10 tips in the original article. If you, too, are looking to get 6.5 million followers, I strongly encourage you to check it out.

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