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Wednesday Updates, Headshot Tips and More…

Good news on all fronts. While a few projects have kept me a little too busy to blog this week, I do have a couple exciting updates to share:

  • Update #1: Discovered that highly recommended photographer/college student was not ignoring my emails after all, overwhelmed (as I had imagined) by my enthusiasm. She simply hadn’t seen them. Confirmed this week that I had the wrong email address for her all along. I have since resent all of my ideas to her and have received an encouraging and equally enthusiastic response back. Photo shoot booked for next week!

(In honor of my ongoing quest for headshots, check out some great headshot-taking tips that I stumbled across here. One of my favs: the darker your suit, the more powerful you appear! And another: No matter what, make sure you don’t wear too much purple!)

  • Update #2: In our search for pro bono work, I have one lead that is making me particularly excited. An LA-based school for blind children might be interested in our help. Since they’re 100% donation based, good PR is critical to keep their operations going. I think this might be the very kind of project we’ve been looking to take on. Once the person in charge returns from vacation, we hope to set up a meeting to see if our services could be a fit. Fingers crossed!

That’s it for now, folks. Hoping that the rest of this week affords me a little more time to blog. Until then, wishing everyone a wonderful week!

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